Become a sponsor

Side by Side Co. is affecting change within the design industry by providing women, agender, and non-binary designers and technologists with goal-oriented mentorship and support.

We're a (almost registered) not-for-profit, so every cent counts. We're currently vetting sponsors of the following tiers:

Operational sponsor

  • $2,000 - $10,000 for the year
  • We're looking for a total of about $10,000K for 2019 to help us with our operational costs. Assists in day-to-day operations, legal fees, server fees, team events, design requests, one-off talent requests, print materials, etc

Swag sponsor

  • $5,000 for the year
  • You'll provide swag for 2 cohorts of mentors and mentees
  • This will include totes, notebooks, and t-shirts

Events sponsor 

  • $1,000 ongoing
  • This money will go toward running events on an ongoing basis, and will support food, beverages, and event-venue fees