The Mentorship Program

Application Timeline for Winter/Spring 2019 Cohort

Monday, January 14th: All applications open for Winter/Spring 2019

Monday, January 21st: All applications close for Winter/Spring 2019

Monday, February 4th: Mentee and Mentor acceptances and pairs announced

Program Format

Side by Side Collective hosts a mentorship program that spans 4 months of the year, wherein women, a gender, and non-binary folks are paired with a respective mentor or mentee. The program asks that each pair meet on a bi-weekly basis for an hour or so, and that together, they are able to set, work through, and achieve the mentee's career goals. Participating in the Side x Side mentorship program means committing your time throughout the program’s duration. The commitment is as much to yourself is it is to your partner - both mentees and mentors in our past cohort have experienced valuable learnings and career growth from the time they invested, but it is an investment nonetheless.

*We will be accepting 15 pairs of applicants for our Winter/Spring 2019 cohort.*


The Side x Side mentorship program is based on biweekly meetups between mentors and mentees. It’s important to meet with your partner on a regular basis to build a relationship and provide/receive support. Your first meeting will take place the week of February 24th, and your last the week of June 16th. We recommend meeting for at least an hour. However, the format and location of your meetups is completely flexible and up to you to agree on.

Program-wide events

Mentors: Once a month, the Side x Side Leadership Team will host a check-in on google hangouts for Mentors, where we come together to discuss your progress with your mentee, share experiences, provide feedback, and answer questions you might have.

Mentees: Monthly mentee hangouts will be scheduled for the community to develop connections, discuss goal setting, and make new friends. More details on locations and timing will come during the program, but you can expect to dedicate a few hours a month to these events.

Important dates

Winter/Spring 2019 Cohort Launch (Tentative)

Sunday, February 17th

Bi-weekly meetups begin

Week of February 24 

Mentor Check-in Schedule (30 minutes to 1 hour)

Wednesday, March 13th

Wednesday, April 10th

Wednesday, May 1st


*More details will be provided to those who are accepted in the program, and it is possible there are some shuffling of the above dates.*